What’s Media Obscura?

We’re a podcast dedicated to watching, reviewing, and bickering over the movies/tv shows that time forgot. Whether they’re blockbusters that fell off the face of the Earth, or features that never quite made first contact, it’s all fair game! Think of us as a mix of How Did This Get Made’s love for nitpicking/dissecting movies, with the inanity of If I Were You and a healthy dose of the old showbiz/borderline vaudevillian stylings of Conan O’Brien. Are we really like any of those things? A little, but that’s honestly just because those are Nick’s biggest podcasting influences.

Send your episode recommendations to @themediaobscura on Twitter/Instagram or by sending us an email from our Contact page!

Sold and wanna check out the show?

Cool! You can listen to our latest episode here:

Alternatively, you listen to the podcast on one of the many other players we’re available on by clicking on this ~nifty~ button! It takes you to pod.link, the one-stop spot to find our where you can listen to the show. Oh, and it’s also so aesthetic!

If you can’t find your preferred podcast player on our pod.link, feel free to message us and let us know!

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