The Iron Giant: The Best Superman Movie? (Review)

Note: This movie was recently covered on our podcast, Media Obscura, which is linked at the end of this post. Oh boy, do I love The Iron Giant. Look, I’m not gonna waste anyones time with this post. Watch The Iron Giant. Stream The Iron Giant. Crush The Iron Giant into a powder and mixContinue reading “The Iron Giant: The Best Superman Movie? (Review)”

Dragons Forever: What a Sendoff (Review)

There’s a rule when it comes to 80s Kung Fu movies; If the “Three Dragons” (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao) are in it, it’s probably a good time. These actors, who had grown up and attended the Peking Opera school in China together starred in a handful of films together, were known forContinue reading “Dragons Forever: What a Sendoff (Review)”

Cyborg Cop II: “We Have Robocop 2 at Home” (Review)

Hot off the heels of Cyborg Cop, a direct-to-video action movie with a title that screams “we heard you liked Robocop but thought it was too good a movie, comes Cyborg Cop II. DEA Agent Jack Ryan has captured his arch-nemesis Nightraven, only to find out that he has been stolen away by an anti-terroristContinue reading “Cyborg Cop II: “We Have Robocop 2 at Home” (Review)”

Class Action Park: Come on in, the [Questionable Nostalgia] is great! (Review)

Class Action Park is a, strangely nostalgic, trip down memory lane for anyone that has ever visited the infamously dangerous Action Park in Vernon New Jersey. It’s also a fun, too-light-for-it’s-own-good, revamp of a lot of material that has already been covered elsewhere in just as much detail (though admittedly with less flair). For thoseContinue reading “Class Action Park: Come on in, the [Questionable Nostalgia] is great! (Review)”

Mazes and Monsters: Tom Hanks, Roleplayer (Review)

Wow. This is the kind of movie that sounds too fake to really exist, and yet here it is. 1982’s Mazes and Monsters is an example of how the media reacted to the rising popularity of Dungeons and Dragons in the 1970’s and 1980’s and was inspired by the disappearance of James Dallas Egbert III.Continue reading “Mazes and Monsters: Tom Hanks, Roleplayer (Review)”

Rocky IV: A Delightfully Watchable Deviation (Review)

Oh man, Rocky IV… This is when the series really got out there. I’ve long held the belief that this is not a good movie, even though it’s such a delightful moviegoing experience. And after rewatching it the other night, after reading about Sylvester Stallone’s intention to recut the movie (without the totally realistic, commonContinue reading “Rocky IV: A Delightfully Watchable Deviation (Review)”

Bill & Ted Face The Music: Surprisingly Triumphant (Spoiler-Free Review)

I love Bill & Ted. I saw both of the original movies when I was in high school and was going through some stuff. Connecting with one of my, then, casual acquaintances over them really did a lot to get me through what I was going through and it also led to him becoming oneContinue reading “Bill & Ted Face The Music: Surprisingly Triumphant (Spoiler-Free Review)”

Cobra Kai Season 1: Good Fun or Toxicity Incarnate? (Review)

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai just hit Netflix and, to mark the occasion, I thought I’d revisit the Karate Kid franchise to see how well its aged over the years. I’d checked out Cobra Kai a few years ago when it first debuted on YouTube Premium (or YouTube Red or whatever it’s calledContinue reading “Cobra Kai Season 1: Good Fun or Toxicity Incarnate? (Review)”

The Karate Kid or: that thing they keep cutting to in Cobra Kai (Review)

The Karate Kid is iconic. There’s no beating around the fact that most of you reading this have already seen this movie before; it’s a staple of anyone who grew up with a VCR, DVD Player or Cable TV’s film watching experience. But, since Cobra Kai is crane-kicking it’s way onto Netflix next week, andContinue reading “The Karate Kid or: that thing they keep cutting to in Cobra Kai (Review)”