M.O.P. Episode 44: Gaslighting Mike (The Addams Family Reunion)

The latest episode of The Media Obscura Podcast is out now on your favorite podcast player! This weeks episode follows Nick and Raekwon as they check out/discuss The Addams Family Reunion, a straight-to-video pilot for a new Addams Family movie that was produced by Saban Entertainment. The movie follows the Addams as they scramble toContinue reading “M.O.P. Episode 44: Gaslighting Mike (The Addams Family Reunion)”

Who exactly IS Elvira?

In preparation for our Elvira: Mistress of the Dark themed episode of the podcast, I decided to draw up this handy little retrospective about America’s favorite horror hostess. If you’re left jonzing for some more info about the iconic TV horror hostess, be sure to check out some of the sources for this article, whichContinue reading “Who exactly IS Elvira?”