Team Obscura

Here are some short bios about each person on Team Obscura!


Hey! My name is Nick and I’m a ~professional~ video editor! I’ve been into movies for as long as I can remember and have wanted to study filmmaking for just about as long… So I did! My role on the podcast is to justify my degree so that I can sleep at night knowing that my degree means more than casually using words like “mise-en-scene” or “chiaroscuro” in order to explain why my socks don’t match.

Likes: Doo wop, pumpkins, and Raekwon.
Dislikes: Responsibility, bedtime, and Mike


Hello, I am your faithful co-host Mike. I am an Astronomy major at State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz. My passion is for the universe and always had a burning flame for it since I was introduced to Astronomy in 2nd grade. I am a 3rd degree Black Belt, (soon to be 4th), I have been doing karate for almost 20 years and my job is a karate teacher. What scares Nick the most is he knows I can kill him with my pinky, I just choose not to. I am also an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America. Like anyone else I have hobbies (some say too many), I am an astrophotographer (taking pictures of deep space), Mead maker, ant farmer, photographer, armature mineralogist, armature astronomer. I have known Nick since elementary school. We would always make videos for YouTube, whether it was a script he wrote or an idea we just decided to do that day. I am the Bruce Campbell to his Sam Remi, willingly putting my life on the line for the shot. Nick and I (mostly Nick) started this podcast because we thought it was a fun thing to do and we hope it grows into something even greater.

Likes: Food, Mead, Erin, Space, Birds, Martial Arts, Nick

Dislikes: Being broke, homework, needing sleep, Rude People (Nick)


Hey what’s up everyone I’m Raekwon and I’m a theater major/film studies minor at William Paterson University. Like a true college student that has no idea what they’re doing I’ve tried my hand at several things like stand-up, acting, writing, sketch comedy and a web series with Nick and Mike. I don’t know many things I like doing more than talking about television/film so I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured in TMO. I’m a big fan of the podcast and I was even a guest once, hopefully going forward I can provide that broke college student perspective that you didn’t know you needed.

Likes: Music, watching TV, procrastinating, playing video games, sleeping and the Fishbowl movie.
Dislikes: People who chew with their mouth open, the dentist, reality TV and raisins.

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