A Brief History of How Raekwon Came to Love Star Wars

Hey Everyone,

Its one of your faithful co-hosts Raekwon and I am going to speak about my experience with Star Wars. So, if you are an avid listener of the show then you know that all three of us are fans of Star Wars.

It was not always like that for me though.

In fact, I hated Star Wars when I was a kid, I thought it was way too boring to be as popular as it was. I feel like I should say this before we really get into this. The super fans of the series were always a big reason why I was against getting into it when I was young. When I was in high school people would want to throw things at me when I mentioned that I hated Star Wars. It also always came as a shock to most people because I am someone who has always been into movies and Star Wars is undeniably a classic series. I believe the reason that I couldn’t see myself watching was because I was about 8 when Revenge of the Sith came out and I remember watching that and thinking this is the most entertaining one we have seen but I still thought it was a bit boring because it went over my head. I have two brothers and a Dad that is a straight up nerd so every weekend my Dad would get us together and we would have a “Boys Night”. A normal Boys Night would include either popcorn and a few movies or a video game. Most times we would pick the movie but on some rare occasions my Dad would, and he would always choose something boring. We learned to dread those days that it was my dad’s turn to pick the movie but, I must give him credit for turning me into the nerd I am today. When it was his turn to pick it was movies like Lord of The Rings, Pirates of The Caribbean, and of course Star Wars. All great films but again they went over my head.

My love for Star Wars didn’t start until college. I had worked during the summer and saved up to get an Xbox One (I play PS4 now don’t worry) and one day I saw Battlefront 2 was in the store on sale. I had some money at the time, so I decided to buy and WOW. I thought the game was so realistic in terms of the lightsaber fighting style and the campaign was a ton of fun as well. I genuinely learned so much about Star Wars and developed such an appreciation for how amazing the story is. By this time Episode seven and eight were already released so after playing the game I knew I had to watch all the movies in order. Before Disney Plus was a thing it was damn near impossible to stream Star Wars so for a while, I wasn’t sure how I was going to watch the original trilogy and the prequels.

That issue was solved by none other than Leslie Knope a.k.a. Nick! When we met in our acting class we would hang out and just watch a movie or play video games when we weren’t shooting something and, if I’m not mistaken, over the years we eventually made it through the original trilogy. So, I need to give Nick his credit as well because he played a big role in making me the fan I am today.

Since the end of the Skywalker saga I have been watching The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars so I am still getting my Star Wars fix in terms of TV. I also have dived into Star Wars literature, I picked up this amazing book called Star Wars Bloodline about Leia struggling with politics and I have begun reading the Darth Vader comics which are as cool as they sound but if anyone has any recommendations you could reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram @TheMediaObscura. Peace.

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